Sunday, May 21, 2017

EFT Tapping Videos

Greetings and welcome back! I haven't been writing here on the EFT Tapping in Las Vegas blog as I've been busy making EFT Tapping videos.


Because I want prospective clients who've never met me to get to know me better prior to treatment, and, I want to begin performing EFT Tapping on video using Skype and other video devices. Pretty cool! I've tried this method out with existing clients and they love it!

Please understand that I'm not a professional videographer. This should be obvious once you watch them. Understand also that it's tough talking into a screen, and attempting to 'role play' with EFT Tapping in Las Vegas. I do much better in person, just ask my existing clients.

So, let me provide you with a couple links to a couple videos I've already created.

Now that you've seen me on video, what do you think? I would love to read your comments, so please leave them in the comment box below. There is a lot of improvement needed, I know, but I'm getting there. I figured I'd just start creating EFT Tapping videos and learn from my mistakes. If I waited until everything was perfect I'd never get started!

Hey, I'm a man, and we always do things the hard way. Chuckles.

Now, I haven't even created a 'landing page' for my YouTube channel yet, as I still can't get the words quite right. I don't want to sound like a used car salesman!

With that said, I would love to have you subscribe to my channel for EFT Tapping videos, so here is the page: EFT Tapping Solutions.

Let me know what you think. I can take criticism, so don't worry about hurting my feelings. I just hope these EFT Tapping videos don't chase off prospective clients.

That's enough for now and thanks for your time.

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