Monday, December 19, 2016

Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas Style

The holidays are often when I use Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style the most; a somber time of year for many clients, as opposed to being happy and festive. Why? Allow me to present several examples of what current clients are working through. Names have been change to protect their identity.

We have George, who needs Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style due to the fact that he's in a dead-end job and thinks he deserves better. He feels that he cannot provide the holidays gifts for his wife and kids because he doesn't earn enough money. Sure, he's grateful for having a roof over his head and a great family to love and care for, but that's not enough, for him. Then we have Mary. Her husband passed away three years ago and the holiday season always brings up negative emotions of her husbands death. As I'm also a medical massage therapist in Las Vegas, I spend a great deal of my time working on chronic physical pain for my weekly clients. Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style also assists with physical pain, yet hands-on treatment such as massage works great as well.

For most health care providers this would be a great time of the year, business-wise. Hey, we make a lot of money! Yet, I'm a funny bird. I don't see it this way. I use Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style to truly assist clients, not for the financial aspect. Sure, I need to earn a living also, but it just feels so wrong. Perhaps I'm just a dreamer, dreaming of a society of bartering or something in which money wasn't the trade for assisting peoples lives. I mean, most seem to spend a lot of money during the holidays and the last expense they need is to see a health care provider like me and spend more money. Sure, I do trade and barter with clients for medical massage as well as Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style. But for the majority, they exchange money for services rendered.

Do client get mental and physical relief from my services? You bet! They leave my office feeling like a million bucks! Yet, often times, I still feel guilty. And before you even ask if I do EFT Tapping myself to clear guilt and other emotions and beliefs, I do. I'm a tapping fool! Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style are performed daily. I'm certainly not immune to daily nuances, and need assistance like everyone else. Here is one area, the holiday season, which I direct clients to during every session: Gratitude.

Be grateful for what you have. I know I am! We are still in this world and have something to accomplish. If not, in my humble opinion, we wouldn't still be here. I guide clients to look at the little things. I guide them to pay attention, to critical thinking from the moment they awaken to the moment the drop off to sleep in regards to being grateful. Hey, you woke up, didn't you? Be grateful. It doesn't matter if it's cold out, raining or snowing, be grateful that you are here to witness everything. Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style assists with all these 'small issues' that we often don't even pay attention to or think about. Often, it's all these 'small issues' that create our negative thinking or bad moods.

Here is a key aspect to the Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style actually working for you: Do it! Perform the protocol. I can teach you the basics, and I can spend hours with you digging into all your emotions and beliefs, getting you clear for the time being. Yet, why pay me to assist you when you can do it yourself and save a ton of money? Sure, there are many traumatic issues that an advanced EFT Tapping practitioner such as myself can assist with. Yet, I'd like to see YOU work on yourself as well! Okay, I think that's enough for this blog post. Please do me a favor though, prior to calling me for assistance. Visit my webpage here, Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style and learn the protocol, first. If you really don't want to do this, then give me a phone call and we can work through the basics in my office. I'm currently offering a FREE introductory session on Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style. This usually lasts about an hour to learn the basics.

Let's get to tapping!


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P.S. - If you are looking for a soothing, relaxing massage, you can contact me for these services as well. I also provide very specific Medical Massage Las Vegas style as well. Or, we can combine medical massage along with Emotional Freedom Techniques Las Vegas style for optimal results.

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