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Attitude Adjustment

This post on our EFT Tapping in Las Vegas blog is entitled ‘attitude adjustment’ because over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen a lot of attitudes that need adjusting. I’m not talking (just) clients, but fellow health and wellness professionals also. (Including myself at times. Chuckles.)

What am I referring to? Well, to begin with, beliefs. We all have them, yet how entrenched in them are we? Here are just a couple of examples. Further below I’ll explain how this ties in with EFT Tapping in Las Vegas.

I’ve had clients come in with their own diagnosis (from some website) and have determined that they need trigger point therapy. They find my page and schedule an appointment. I can determine rather quickly if trigger points are present, and if not, I don’t perform trigger point therapy. Yet, they still ‘believe’ they have trigger points and want me to continue on. Sorry sorry, love me love me, that’s not how I work. Most understand this, yet there’s always a few who think differently (and that’s OK.) This is especially true of EFT Tapping in Las Vegas as most people have no idea that the mind/body are One, and the mind runs the body. (That’s OK also.)

Perhaps a better example is on a Facebook group of fellow massage therapists. I posted a question in regards to ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ sheets and such, asking if any other therapists used them, and if so, if they could see results with the clients. I (of course) got a couple ‘poo-poo’ replies that this is ‘woo’ therapy, etc., etc. What’s more concerning about their replies is that I provided a link to science and evidence based studies that determine that this isn’t ‘woo’ therapy (such as EFT Tapping in Las Vegas, Grounding or Earthing or Therapeutic Clay applied to the body) and if they want more information on it to read the studies provided. No response. Oh well.

The issue with all of this isn’t that I ask clients and or fellow practitioners to ‘believe’ as I do, as with EFT Tapping in Las Vegas. What I’m asking for is an open mind in an attempt to assist clients by any means possible, even if these means are outside their ‘belief zone.’ (A few of the replies from fellow therapists included a comment such as, “I’m a bodyworker and that’s all I do.” I can almost hear the grunting and knuckle-dragging from here.) Not only that, but why is there a need to criticize something you don’t even know anything about?

Do I know if all or some of these therapies work? No, I don’t. I do my best with what I’ve learned how to perform. Yet, if I can’t determine if you have trigger points, or determine if being grounded on my table works or EFT Tapping in Las Vegas works, and decide to try those methods or something else (with no cost to the client,) does it sound like such a bad idea? The clients I work with don’t think so. Almost all appreciate the extra effort.

Another huge topic now-a-days is the placebo effect, especially with EFT Tapping in Las Vegas. I’ve already written about that in another blog post so I won’t belabor the topic. I’ll suffice it to say that if you, or someone you know, is suffering with chronic pain, you or them could care less if the results (getting out of pain) are placebo or not. Yes or no? I’ve yet to have one client (with which I’ve had thousands over the past twelve years) tell me or complain to me that they are now out of pain and it’s all in the mind, and that is not sufficient. Laughing. Sorry, that’s funny to me. If it's not funny to you, I guess you've not experienced chronic pain in a debilitating manner.

The example above occurs all the time with EFT Tapping in Las Vegas and I’ve never had a client complain that their pain is gone, yet it was some form of ‘mind trick.’ (This is because I also explain the mind/body connection.)

Ok, let’s get to the real topics at hand, which are beliefs. To begin, I’m going to quote one of my Aikido Sensei’s in regards to a few questions I asked him many years ago. His replies had a profound impact on me and it’s why I’m using it below. It’s also why I resumed my EFT Tapping in Las Vegas techniques.

Here is the question I asked him: “Do you believe we have a purpose in life?" (Just about any question would do as long as the words ‘believe’ or ‘belief’ are in them.) His reply is listed here.

Sensei’s reply: “I don't ‘believe that we do, and I don't ‘believe’ that we don't have a purpose. There is a big difference between the word ‘belief’ and the word ‘faith.’ When I believe something to be so, then I tend to see everything as if it backs up that belief, and distrust or reject anything that clearly doesn't support that belief. In other words, belief is narrowing down, or limiting, of that which can be experienced ‘as it is.’”

“Whereas if I have faith, there doesn't need to be any object of that faith. Faith is an opening, an acceptance, and it provides an ability to be with whatever arises in confidence. So belief is quite limiting and therefore somewhat dangerous, while faith is freeing.”

“So, now let's return to the important question: “How will this help me in my practice to know this? “What is my practice?”

“My practice is to be completely present in this moment and to experience whatever arises fully. And that's it. There is nothing more, because everything else is imagined or constructed. We have sensation, we have emotion, and we have thought. All three of these arise, often simultaneously, and we invariably take them to be fact, while actually, they are only the movement of energy.”

Sensei writes further, yet I’ll leave it at that. I could probably leave out the last two paragraphs as well, as I’m looking specifically at how he defines ‘belief’ and ‘faith,’ yet I enjoy them so much I included them.

Point being, can you see the difference between belief and faith? If you are an evidence or science person you may disregard this. Yet, if so, I would ask you, “Didn’t you have faith in forming your hypothesis (as defined above) prior to determining the evidence or lack thereof?”

I really don’t know as I’m not a scientist, nor do I know any personally, and so much evidence is tainted to the viewpoint of the agenda being pushed by the researcher or the money that is funding the research that it’s questionable just based on those assumptions (which I see a lot of).

To wrap this up, I suppose I can say that what I’m looking for in anyone is just a bit more faith, an opening up of the mind to at least try different therapies; especially if it’s not costing you any (more) money to try it. Yes, I perform what clients ask me to do, and I actually invite discussion with clients in regards to what they want to do. Most clients I see want to eliminate pain, regardless of the technique used.

This may seem like I’m complaining here, (which I’m sure I am,) yet I have my preferences as well. I enjoy people with open minds. Levels of education or experience are not nearly as important as attitudes; at least for me. With EFT Tapping in Las Vegas, after it’s explained, often gets a lot of funny looks from clients. That’s OK. Guess what? I’m not getting the funny looks or complaints after they are out of pain, and that’s really what I’m striving for.

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