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Recapping And Tapping Protocol

I’m going to take a break from writing about our relaxation protocols in this blog post and cover another topic which everyone seems to encounter here at EFT Tapping in Las Vegas. This topic is about the overwhelming number of thoughts which may occur to us in regards to the seemingly endless list of negative events, as well as all of the ‘aspects’ surrounding a certain event or anything else we are attempting to ‘clear’ with EFT Tapping in Las Vegas.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this which I have encountered from several different teachers and goes by many different names. Its value here is to systematically eliminate every specific event in your life that causes physical pain, anxiety, addictions, or limits of any kind. The name I’m going to use to describe this ‘complete life clearing’ comes from the author Carlos Castaneda and is called Recapitulation. He states:

“Recapitulation consists of recollecting one's life down to the most insignificant detail. The first stage is a brief recounting of all the incidents in our lives that in an obvious manner stand out for examination. The second stage is a more detailed recollection and theoretically could extend to the moment of birth.”

Here at EFT Tapping in Las Vegas we are not going to take it that far…to recollect each moment of our lives all the way back to our birth. What we do want to perform, if we want to clear out all the junk in our lives, is to perform EFT Tapping in Las Vegas on everything we can recall that made some form of a negative impression on us.

Thus, we will need a system or protocol for this, and this system is detailed out below. As I like to keep things simple, I’ll label this the Recapping and Tapping Protocol. Without further ado, here are the details.

The Recapping and Tapping Protocol is not just a way to ‘feel a little more peaceful.’ Properly understood and put into practice, this technique should be the healing centerpiece of your life. In essence, the Recapping and Tapping Protocol involves making a list of every bothersome specific event in your life and systematically performing EFT Tapping in Las Vegas to clear them out of existence. This won't take as long as you think.

By diligently doing this you can pull out every negative tree from your emotional forest and thus eliminate major causes of your emotional and physical ailments. This, of course, propels you toward living a positive, productive life.

Here are some uses for the Recapping and Tapping Protocol we provide as examples here at EFT Tapping in Las Vegas.

1. Performed as ‘homework’ between EFT Tapping in Las Vegas sessions with us at our location. This is certain to accelerate and deepen the healing process.

2. Used as a daily procedure to clear out a lifetime of accumulated emotional debris. This will enhance self- image, reduce self-doubt and provide a profound sense of freedom.

3. As a means to eliminate a major contributor (if not the sole cause) of a serious disease. Somewhere within your specific events are those angers, fears and traumas that are manifesting as disease. By addressing them all, you will likely cover those responsible for the disease.

4. Performed as a useful substitute for finding core issues. If you neutralize all the specific issues you will have automatically included core issues.

5. EFT Tapping in Las Vegas as a means for consistent relaxation.

6. To become an example to others as to what is possible.

This simple concept of Recapping and Tapping should shift the entire awareness of your being. Is this a bold statement? Yes, it is. Begin performing the protocol as described below and see for yourself. EFT Tapping in Las Vegas and the results achieved are stunningly amazing.

Please keep this key phrase in mind: Most of our emotional and physical problems are caused (or contributed to) by our unresolved specific events, that vast majority of which can be easily handled by EFT Tapping in Las Vegas.

How obvious! Experienced practitioners of EFT Tapping in Las Vegas are well aware of EFT tapping and the ability to cleanly wipe the negative specific events off of our mental walls. This is the area wherein our highest success ratios appear. To date, however, we have focused our efforts on those negative specific events that underlie a given ailment such as a phobia, headache, chronic physical pain, or traumatic incident. This is good, very good, and we should continue doing so. On the other hand, why not use EFT Tapping in Las Vegas on ALL the other specific events that are behind our more generalized (but VERY important) issues such as these listed below:

Depression Persistent insomnia
Feelings of abandonment

As you eliminate the emotional baggage from your specific events you will, of course, have less and less internal conflict for your system to deal with. Less internal conflict translates into a higher level of personal peace and less emotional and physical suffering.

For many, this Recapping and Tapping procedure will likely result in the complete cessation of lifelong issues that other methods have not touched. How's that for peace in a paragraph? Once again, EFT Tapping in Las Vegas and the results it produces are amazing!

The same applies to physical ailments as well. I'm talking here about everything from headaches, breathing difficulties and digestive disorders to AIDS, ALS, MS and Cancer. It is becoming more widely accepted that our physical maladies are caused (or contributed to) by unresolved angers, traumas, guilt, grief and the like. I have had many discussions with physicians in recent years and more and more of them echo emotional strife as a major cause of serious diseases. Until now, however, there hasn't been an effective way to eliminate these health bandits. We can mask them with drugs, of course, but true cures have been hard to find.

Fortunately, EFT Tapping in Las Vegas and its many cousins now provide easy and elegant tools that will aid the serious health practitioner in killing the root causes of disease...instead of the client.

What I share here is NOT a substitute for sound medical diagnosis NOR is it a substitute for visiting your medical doctor for proper treatment. Rather, it is a tool that, properly applied, is capable of wide ranging relief (quality training or quality assistance will add to its effectiveness in person here at EFT Tapping in Las Vegas). Its simplicity and far reaching effectiveness give it candidacy as a mandatory method for anyone seeking help for even the most difficult of problems. I know that's a bold statement but I've been at this for over eight years now and have seen so many impressive results over such a wide variety of issues that this statement is easy, if not essential, to make.

The Recapping and Tapping Protocol listed below is simple (I'm assuming you already know how to apply EFT Tapping in Las Vegas).

1. Make a list of every bothersome specific event you can remember. If you don't find at least 50 you are either going at this half-heartedly or you have been living on some other planet. Many people will find hundreds.

2. While making your list you may find that some events don't seem to cause you any current discomfort. That's OK. List them anyway. The mere fact that you remember them suggests a need for resolution.

3. Give each specific event a title; as though it was a mini-movie. Examples: Dad hit me in the kitchen. I stole Suzie's sandwich. I almost slipped and fell into the Grand Canyon. My third grade class ridiculed me when I gave that speech. Mom locked me in a closet for 2 days. Mrs. Adams told me I was stupid. I hurt my neck in the car crash when I was 19 years old. I’ve been afraid of the dark since I was 9 after reading that scary story.

4. When the list is complete, pick out the biggest redwoods in your negative forest and apply EFT Tapping in Las Vegas to each of them until you either laugh about it or "can't think about it any more." Be sure to notice any aspects that may come up and consider them separate trees in your negative forest. Apply EFT Tapping in Las Vegas to them accordingly. Be sure to keep after each event until it is resolved. If you cannot get a 0-10 intensity level on a particular movie then assume you are repressing it and apply 10 full rounds of EFT Tapping in Las Vegas on it from every angle you can think of. This gives you a high possibility for resolving it. After the big redwoods have been removed, go to the next biggest trees. And then the next, and so on and so forth.

5. Do at least one movie (specific event) per day, preferably three; for 3 months. It only takes minutes per day to perform EFT Tapping in Las Vegas. At this rate you will have resolved 90 to 270 specific events in 3 months. Then notice how your body feels better. Note, too, how your ‘threshold for getting upset’ is much lower. Note how your relationships are better and how many of your therapy type issues just don't seem to be there any more. Revisit some of those specific events and notice how those previously intense incidences have faded into nothingness. Note any improvements in your blood pressure, pulse and breathing ability.

I ask you to consciously notice these things because, unless you do, the quality healing you will have undergone will seem so subtle that you may not notice it. You may even dismiss it saying, "Oh well, it was never much of a problem anyway." This happens repeatedly with EFT Tapping in Las Vegas and thus I bring it to your awareness.

6. If you are taking medications, you may feel the need to discontinue them. Please do so ONLY under a qualified physician’s advice. EFT Tapping in Las Vegas is NOT a substitute for your doctors advice or diagnosis.

It is my hope that the Recapping and Tapping Protocol becomes a worldwide routine. A few minutes per day will make a monumental difference in school performance, relationships, health and our quality of life. But these are meaningless words unless others (you) put the idea into practice. Join us at EFT Tapping in Las Vegas at our physical location to learn more.

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