Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Aspects And EFT Tapping

Now that we have moved into our new location, EFT Tapping in Las Vegas is in full swing. Here’s our address to our physical location one more time. This is also the location of my Summerlin massage business.

Sun City Summerlin Las Vegas
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The topic of this post is ‘aspects’ and the different forms which arise while we are performing EFT Tapping in Las Vegas. I’m going to be using one of my clients as an example, one I have used before. This client and I have worked together for over two years now, mostly performing just Summerlin massage. Only in the past six months have I introduced EFT Tapping in Las Vegas to him.

What is an aspect? An aspect could be a totally un-related subject or topic that one needs to perform tapping on that creeps into our mind while tapping. Yet, that’s not what I’m getting at, here. What I’m getting at is another issue that’s related to the larger issue one is performing EFT Tapping in Las Vegas on. An example in regards to our physical body would be, if we are performing a bench press. The main muscle doing the work is the pec major. Yet, the supplemental muscles that assist are the front deltoid and the triceps. Thus, the ‘aspects’ of this movement are the front deltoid and triceps; not the prime mover. A psychological example used here at EFT Tapping in Las Vegas would be as follows: You are performing tapping on the issue of quitting smoking. A supplementary aspect of this may be the thoughts that arise while tapping in regards to the enjoyment of lighting up the cigarette. Or, that you get to sneak out back for five minutes to smoke the cigarette.

Now that we have an idea of what ‘aspects’ are, let me continue on in regards to EFT Tapping in Las Vegas with the client. In a previous post I discussed the death of his wife and how we tapped through that. That’s coming along quite nicely, yet, think of all the aspects associated with losing a loved one. The aspects we worked on today with EFT Tapping in Las Vegas was in regards to this clients four daughters. Although all four are grown, they vary in age from early thirties to their forties, losing their mother was hard on them. It’s also very hard on the client, as he now feels completely responsible for all four daughters.

To be more specific in regards to the aspects we worked on with EFT Tapping in Las Vegas was the clients feeling of guilt for allowing his wife to pass away, and, now being the sole parent and solely responsible to the four daughters. This was a long two hour session. We first performed EFT Tapping in Las Vegas on these aspects for about an hour, then we spent the second hour performing Summerlin massage. (I was hoping the tapping would relax his physical body, first.)

What was most interesting during this session was the actual physical Summerlin massage. The client was still tense, as he always is, and I decided to perform massage and EFT Tapping in Las Vegas with him simultaneously. I’ve been performing Summerlin massage for many years, thus I can sense and know when a client is constricted and tense. So, I had to communicate a great deal with my client; this wasn’t a ‘lay there and get rubbed’ form of massage.

Some areas of his body were very relaxed, mostly his lower extremities, yet his arms, neck and head were still tense. (The client is a big thinker, not a big physical movement kind of guy. Thinkers seem to always have issues with their head, neck, shoulders and arms.) The relaxed areas of his body were massaged, yet the tense areas I verbally communicated with him and massaged him at the same time. EFT Tapping in Las Vegas was performed with him on the tight areas, such as while massaging him I’d ask him what he’s thinking about, he would tell me, and then I’d create a set-up statement and we’d massage (as opposed to performing EFT Tapping in Las Vegas on the meridian points) and verbally go through the set up statement. Listed below are just a couple of the set-up statements:

“Even though I feel guilty for Xxxx dying, and I’m holding this guilt in my shoulders, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I’m now a single parent and take on all the responsibility of being the single parent to my daughters, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I’m holding all this tension and stress in my neck and shoulders, I forgive myself completely for Xxxx's death.”

I had many others yet can’t recall them at this time. It may sound corny to say that I ‘wing-it’ with clients, yet that’s exactly what I do here at EFT Tapping in Las Vegas. Why? Because each session is personal to the individual and their unique situation. This isn’t something we can write a script for, especially when we start getting down to specific aspects of each issue. It’s also why EFT Tapping in Las Vegas works so well.

Thus, the client made some good progress. I was attempting to assist him in allowing his mind and body to coordinate. For the client to sense the tension in parts of his body (through my hands and Summerlin massage) and how it’s tied to his mind (using EFT Tapping in Las Vegas.) To just let go. It’s like attempting to fall asleep. We can’t make ourselves sleep; we not-do, and just allow.

Ok, this is getting long, so I’ll end this post here. The more I write about EFT Tapping in Las Vegas the more difficult I find to do so. It’s to be performed and then perhaps we can discuss the results. Discussing or writing about the ‘how’ is a tough row to hoe.

Kristopher Kelley
Personal Performance Coach
EFT Tapping In Las Vegas
Summerlin Massage 89134
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