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Relaxation Protocols And EFT Tapping Part 2

I’ll now detail out the In-The-Moment Relaxation protocol we use here at EFT tapping in Las Vegas. If you are unsure in regards to what this is that I’m discussing, please visit the previous post here, Relaxation Protocols And EFT Tapping and read this post first.

How to relax certain areas of your body and muscles throughout the day – Our instruction to our clients at EFT tapping in Las Vegas regarding the In-The-Moment Relaxation protocol goes something like this, “It is necessary that you become aware of your habit of tensing your ___ (Fill in the blank with the area that pains you) on a moment to moment basis and change this habit. Throughout the day check for tension in your upper shoulders, traps, lower back etc., so you can apply the technique of relaxing it. You may want to set the alarm on your phone, tie a string around your finger, or paste a colored piece of paper on your computer screen to remind you.” The alarm is best; set it for every fifteen minutes to remind you to relax your tense areas.

Here at EFT tapping in Las Vegas the In-The-Moment Relaxation protocol is done repetitively, without effort and without seeking any gain. Perform this as often as you can, as long as these mini relaxations don’t interfere with your functioning during the day. Don’t tighten and then relax; just relax. Do nothing. If you choose to ‘do’ something, move your body around a little as if you are stretching, as well as take some deep breathes into your belly to assist in becoming relaxed.

This is difficult to describe and assist you with on a personal basis as I’m unsure where your physical issues are. Often times if you have physical pain in a certain area, that area is not where the real cause or issue originates. This is why it is a good idea to visit us for a free consultation so you can get specific, individualized instruction along with learning the basics of EFT tapping in Las Vegas. Our relaxation protocols go hand-in-hand with EFT tapping. They compliment each other.

Most people here at EFT tapping in Las Vegas can feel tension in certain parts of their bodies and can let go of this tension to some degree or another when they are aware of it. Others cannot. If you are one of those who cannot discern tension or how to relax tense areas you can become sensitive to it in the following way. This is an example for those who suffer from chronic headaches or cervical neck and upper back pain.

As you are reading this right now, put your attention and awareness on your shoulders and allow them to drop just a bit. Almost everyone I know has tension in their upper back, cervical neck and trap muscles leading to the shoulders to constantly elevate. If you can’t notice this, then pull your shoulders back as if you are sitting up straight. Move them around a bit. The sensation is very subtle and will occur out of your awareness if you’re not paying careful attention. These (as well as others) are the muscles that you want to learn to relax throughout the day for these muscles are part of the guarding response that keeps you tight and tense. Again, this is best demonstrated in person here at EFT tapping in Las Vegas. Join us and learn!

In-The-Moment Relaxation is the practice of allowing the muscles to drop and relax all day. Don’t look for immediate results. Don’t strain in any way. It should take just a moment to notice and do and should hardly take any attention away from what you’re involved in. Remember that your voluntary relaxation of these muscles at first will rarely cause much of a sense of relaxation in them. It is best to expect that your voluntary relaxation will only help a little to relax the muscles. Even if this method is effective for you, you may only experience slight relief of symptoms for days or weeks.

In-The-Moment Relaxation on an ongoing basis becomes a habit replacing the tendency to chronically tighten certain areas of your body. This is one of the areas we focus on here at EFT tapping in Las Vegas.

Here are a few hints on the application:

1) It takes time to learn. This is self explanatory. Doing it should take only a moment or two.
2) Make sure that you do not exert effort. Meaning, do not exert any effort to relax. Don’t pull your shoulders down (as in the example above) to relax. Just allow them to naturally find their lowest point. This leads us back to number one, it takes time to learn and why you should join us in person here at EFT tapping in Las Vegas.
3) Continue to practice even if no results seem to occur. Practicing this conscientiously for weeks has helped some clients reduce their symptoms.

One again, all of this is best demonstrated in person here at EFT tapping in Las Vegas. Also, and I know I sound like a broken record, but this is just awareness training. You are becoming aware of your body on a moment-to-moment basis, especially areas that are in pain.

Ok, this is getting long, so I’ll stop for now. I’m sure I’ll be coming back to this technique in the future as it's a key component here at EFT tapping in Las Vegas.

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