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Relaxation Protocols And EFT Tapping

Although EFT Tapping in Las Vegas works wonders in reducing and eliminating stress, most people still have a very difficult time relaxing. This blog post will be the beginning of a series of posts detailing the specifics in regards to our Mind-Body Awareness Relaxation Protocol that can be combined with EFT tapping in Las Vegas as well as other mindful activities.

The word relax comes from the old French word relaxer which means “to make less compact or dense, to loosen, or open” and from the Latin word laxus which means “to be wide, loose, open, slack or languid.” Indeed tension is a state of denseness, tightness, constriction, and contraction. In the cases of chronic pain here at EFT Tapping in Las Vegas most clients are dense and tense.

Thus, here at EFT Tapping in Las Vegas, I’ll define our Mind-Body Awareness and Relaxation Protocol as the practice of conscious effortlessness. In our treatment protocol, we use mind-body relaxation in two different but complementary ways, as briefly introduced in this post.

The In-The-Moment Relaxation protocol is first and is used throughout your normal day to regularly interrupt the habit of tensing specific muscles and soft tissue (which is derived from a possibly over-active CNS or Central Nervous System) that are causing you chronic pain. Performing In-The-Moment Relaxation can involve many brief relaxations during the day along with EFT tapping in Las Vegas. As you become more skilled, this practice takes less time and is done almost automatically. The intention here is for you to abort the old, dysfunctional chronic habit of tensing throughout the day. This is also part of our awareness training for you. To ‘become aware’ throughout the day of when you are uptight and or tense.

Our Comprehensive Relaxation protocol at EFT tapping in Las Vegas is the second form which requires setting aside time that is devoted to the practice of technique, without the distractions that occur during your normal everyday life. This is best practiced two to three times a day with each practice period lasting approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The skill of resting attention in sensation that can make it possible for pain to reduce or disappear is developed in the Comprehensive Relaxation protocol. Yes, this does seem like a lot of ‘time’ devoted to de-stressing. Only you can make the decision to determine the worth...or not. It's up to you.

The In-The-Moment Relaxation protocol does not offer the depth of relaxation achieved the by Comprehensive Relaxation protocol and by itself can have clear but limited effects. (This is the same with EFT tapping in Las Vegas; quick rounds of tapping throughout the day work well, yet setting aside time and really digging into the ‘aspects’ of an issue achieve better results.) The comprehensive practice represents the laboratory in which the skill of the method is developed. It represents the heart of the practice and produces the most benefit (just as comprehensive EFT tapping in Las Vegas does.)

Under normal circumstances most people would rarely be willing to devote the time and attention to change the habit of tightening up certain areas of the body either under stress or as a protective guarding response against pain felt in the body. The energy required (and taught here at EFT Tapping in Las Vegas) to change this habit comes from the strength of the desire to stop the pain and dysfunction. We will assist you in this as well.

Clients of EFT Tapping in Las Vegas are often surprised at the number of times each day that they tense their muscles. Changing this habit is possible but not a small matter. If you have joined us or sought help elsewhere you already know this through awareness training.

Most EFT tapping in Las Vegas clients will devote the time and effort required to change this habit when they feel doing so reduces or eliminates their symptoms. Peculiarly, this motivation is the gift of this condition, even though it rarely feels like a gift when the symptoms exist unabated.

This blog post is starting to get long, so I’ll cut it short here. In the next post I’ll dig further into the details of the In-The-Moment Relaxation protocol that we offer here at EFT Tapping in Las Vegas. This will include further awareness training as well as how to relax your body throughout the day.

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