Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Awareness And EFT Tapping Las Vegas

Most of us wish for a friend who accepts us unconditionally. What if we could accept ourselves unconditionally and become our own best friend? Here's a phrase I'll use with our EFT tapping Las Vegas clients in regards to their own self-talk:

"I want to be present with you exactly as you are. I am not asking you to change in any way. While I may have preferences about how I might want you to be, I am committed to letting go of these preferences in favor of letting you be exactly the way you are. You may change from one moment to the next, and I am committed to being fully present with you on a moment to moment basis and to feel and accept you however much you change. No matter what happens in this moment, I am determined to let you be as you are with an open and sincere heart."

We teach the importance of this phrase here with our EFT tapping Las Vegas clients. Why is this so important? Because most of us, deep down inside, really don’t know or accept ourselves. Then, when something is perceived to 'go wrong,' we want change. Change what? Where do we begin?

Instead of endlessly discussing symptoms as woes and how to get rid of them here with our EFT tapping Las Vegas clients, when we do focus on symptoms of one kind or another it is to tune in to the actual experience of the symptoms themselves in those moments when they dominate the mind and body.

We do this in a particular way with our EFT tapping Las Vegas clients, which might be called giving the stories or symptoms attention. Attention, or attentive capacity which most lack, involves bringing the stability and calm of mindfulness to our symptoms and to our reactions to them. This is where we use EFT tapping Las Vegas style to slowly work through each aspect of the story.

Allow yourself to bring awareness to your own thoughts and feelings and their physical, psychological, and social consequences as you observe them. As each negative emotion arises, stop the story and perform EFT tapping Las Vegas style on that very specific issue. If you can observe in yourself the toxicity of certain beliefs, thought patterns, and behaviors as they arise in the moment, then you can work to eliminate their hold on you.

In this way using EFT tapping Las Vegas style, our clients come to see that science is confirming what has long been known, namely that each one of us has an important role to play in our own well-being. This role can be more effectively played if we can become conscious of and modify certain aspects of the way we live which can affect our health. These include our attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs; our emotions; our stance in relationship to society; and our behaviors.

All can influence our health in different ways; all are related to stress and our attempts to cope with it; and all are directly influenced by the practice of EFT tapping Las Vegas style. Join us, won’t you?

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