Tuesday, January 20, 2015

EFT Tapping Las Vegas Style With Las Vegas Massage

When I was on the telephone with EFT Tapping founder Gary Craig several weeks ago he gave me a suggestion I’ve taken to heart and have tried out with clients. I told him that I was a Las Vegas massage therapist and he recommended that I combine EFT tapping Las Vegas style along with my massage protocol.

He mentioned that perhaps I could have clients think about an MPI (Most pressing issue) while I work on areas of their body that are in pain or they are having an issue with. He told me something I already knew, which was that there are hundreds of energy meridian points located throughout the body, and that perhaps while they think of a painful issue I could cover these meridian points with EFT Tapping Las Vegas style during Las Vegas massage.

Or, have the Las Vegas massage client think of their MPI while I provide long, soothing strokes down the back of their spine. This seems to work (both methods mentioned above) in reducing their level of intensity, yet not as quickly as tapping on the specific meridian points that EFT Tapping Las Vegas style emphasizes in our protocol. (To see the tapping protocol, visit this page here, EFT Tapping Las Vegas Protocol and scroll down to the picture of the meridian points.)

These methods above were conducted on four Las Vegas massage clients, two with each method. I have tried one other option, and that is to have the client tap on the specific meridian points as described by EFT tapping Las Vegas while I also press into specific areas of their body where they feel pain. I also had the client tap on the points while I pressed into areas I thought may be the cause of the physiological pain and not the actual area in pain. This worked marvelously, yet it’s only one client and hardly a ‘proven method’ that works all the time. I’ll work with many more clients on this to continue to see how these methods work.

Please understand that this is a slow process, at least for me, in demonstrating results or lack thereof. Why? Several reasons contribute to this. First, I keep Las Vegas massage and EFT tapping Las Vegas style as separate protocols for most clients. This is because many new clients just want a massage for either stress relief or pain relief. Also, many don’t have the time to combine the two. Next may be a legal matter, as it would be a stretch to say that EFT tapping Las Vegas style would be a massage modality as defined by the State of Nevada in which I’m governed as a licensed massage therapist.

So, even with my regular clients, this takes time. Those who are willing to try EFT tapping Las Vegas style (it’s always their choice) may do so, if I think it may assist them. This isn’t something I’m forcing on clients. Yet, for those who are open to many options and agree to give it a try, it’s seemed to work very well.

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