Thursday, January 15, 2015

EFT Tapping Las Vegas Protocol

I've finally found the time to write up the steps in regards to the EFT Tapping Las Vegas protocol. Yes, I'm well aware that there's already a million pages describing how to tap. Yet, for my own SEO for my pages, I needed to create one for myself.

Also understand that there's many forms of 'EFT Tapping.' I've learned from many of the advanced practitioners, yet mostly from the founder, Gary Craig. In my humble opinion though, that doesn't really matter. What matters is the interaction between you and me, if you are having trouble. Being specific to an issue, as well as bringing forth aspects of an issue are the key points that seem to really make EFT Tapping in Las Vegas successful for YOU. (This isn't about me at all, it's all about you.)

Thus, here's a link to my new EFT Tapping Las Vegas Protocol page:

EFT Tapping Las Vegas Protocol

Please note that I'll be adding a video to the page above as well when I find the time. In my humble opinion, a video of someone actually performing the EFT Tapping Las Vegas protocol is needed to be successful. If this still doesn't work, please call me at the phone number listed below and we can meet and I'll walk you through the steps.


Kristopher Kelley
Northwest Wellness Center
4611 N. Rancho Dr.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89130
(702) 203-5670
EFT Tapping In Las Vegas

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