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Las Vegas Massage And EFT Tapping In Las Vegas

Here's a quick post in regards to Las Vegas massage and EFT Tapping in Las Vegas and why they work together so well. And if I don't see you before the New Year, Happy New Year to you and your family and friends!

Myo-fascial tissue is fascinating. It actually disturbs me that we do not teach more people what massage therapists have learned over the past many years. I have learned that the muscles of the body want to be warm and supple. They want to be stretched often and relaxed constantly to relieve unhealthy levels of tension that build up in them during the course of daily events and movements. I am a busy professional and know this all too well. EFT Tapping in Las Vegas as well as Las Vegas massage are a great combination for emotional and physical release.

As I look at my Las Vegas Massage clients experiencing chronic muscle pain, it seems that what occurs to me is a sort of muscular breakdown of a particular region of the body. The muscles simply contract and say “no more.” The muscles themselves have become hard like concrete and become painful all of the time. The worst areas were exquisitely painful when palpated and stroked; especially first time clients. This is why I often begin a Las Vegas massage session with EFT Tapping in Las Vegas. (After the in-take form is complete as well as proper assessment of body AND mind.) This engages the CNS and calms the body.

It is important to me to realize that the knotted up muscles were not solely the reason for the chronic pain...I think about the central nervous system and look for ways (such as EFT Tapping in Las Vegas, meditation, breathing exercises,) clients can calm this from anxiety and tension. Ah, the life of a Las Vegas massage therapist! One of the most important elements in my client’s recovery from chronic muscle pain in Las Vegas, once we have worked through emotional attachments to physical pain with EFT Tapping in Las Vegas, has been for me to teach clients a conceptual understanding of the science of trigger points and myo-fascial restriction. Understanding trigger points and why and when they caused pain was crucial for clients to manage and eliminate them. At some point they finally had to surrender to the fact that their condition was not one where they could just go to the doctor, be given a pill, and never had to think about it again. (To read further in regards to Trigger Point Therapy In Las Vegas, visit this page.)

The Las Vegas massage protocol and EFT Tapping in Las Vegas treatment I use often bumps up against psychological patterns that refuse to let go of guarding against imagined danger. The core of my treatment for chronic pain relief in Las Vegas is training my clients to profoundly relax their tense muscles. This means that they ‘un-defend themselves.’ This is WHY I use both Las Vegas massage and EFT Tapping in Las Vegas. It means that they allow themselves to be at ease, to feel good, and to let go of vigilance.

What’s often helpful is to facilitate a dialogue between the part of the client who wants to improve and the part that seems unable to move ahead. What often emerges from these dialogues is the fear of the unknown that is imagined if there is no more pain or dysfunction. This is why our treatment of Las Vegas massage and EFT Tapping in Las Vegas works so well. We work with the mind AND the body, getting through the fear of the unknown.

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