Thursday, November 27, 2014

EFT Tapping Las Vegas

EFT Tapping Las Vegas continues to provide results in a quick and efficient manner. Historically for most of our clients, it was very difficult in the past to alter and change their emotional experience and feelings. Many clients, like all of us, could spend years in visualization, contemplation and or meditation, attempting to cultivating inner peace. But that state of 'inner-peace awareness' is easily disturbed by the events of the average day. Life is fine and dandy sitting in meditation, yet what occurs when your boss starts yelling at you or your kids upset you? Inner-peace goes straight out the window! These techniques take many years to learn and perfect, which is fine, yet, it's why EFT Tapping Las Vegas works so well. It's quick, easy and painless.

As I'm a massage therapist and personal trainer (not a psychologist,) I work mostly with clients who have physical ailments. Yet, with that said, in over 10 years of private practice, I've yet to find a physical ailment that isn't tied to a mental emotional issue as well, and that's why in my humble opinion, EFT Tapping Las Vegas works so well. That’s not to say that physical ailments and disease are entirely psychological in origin. What it does indicate is that a lifetime of carrying the burden of trauma takes a toll on our bodies. When people use EFT Tapping Las Vegas for physical problems, they are releasing the emotional memories associated with the symptom. Once those memories don’t hurt anymore, the stress response is reduced, and the body has a chance to heal.

EFT Tapping Las Vegas has also been used with many of my Las Vegas massage clients for chronic muscle pain relief, for sports performance, school performance, and business performance. When the anxieties that claim a large part of our Las Vegas massage clients attention are removed, their full capacities come to bear on the task at hand. That’s why you’ll find so many stories of athletes and scholars performing better after EFT Tapping Las Vegas. There are also specialty books on these subjects, such as EFT for Sports Performance, EFT for Back Pain, EFT for PTSD, EFT for Weight Loss, etc.

As I commented on in the previous post in regards to the psychological aspect, measuring the intensity of your emotion associated with a traumatic memory, then pair your memory with a statement of self-acceptance, listed here, EFT Tapping In Las Vegas, the other stream of experience on which EFT Tapping Las Vegas draws from is Asian medicine, in the form of acupuncture points associated with energy meridians of the body.

EFT Tapping Las Vegas has come to learn that acupuncture has demonstrated efficacy for PTSD and psychological problems, as well as physical ones. Studies have shown that pressure on acupuncture points can be as effective as inserting needles, and scientists have also shown that real acupuncture points are more effective than inserting needles into non-acupoints. So EFT Tapping Las Vegas is sometimes called “acupuncture without needles,” even though it has as much historical basis in Western psychological science as Eastern medicine.

The two streams were brought together in the 1970's when an American psychologist, Roger Callahan, discovered that his patients could be cured of phobias in a single session. To this day, phobias are one of the easiest conditions for EFT Tapping Las Vegas to treat. Callahan’s system was simplified by Stanford-trained engineer Gary Craig, and gained widespread popularity. EFT Tapping Las Vegas has been validated as an evidence-based medicine approach in many studies, including randomized controlled trials that measure PTSD, pain, depression, anxiety, and cravings. EFT Tapping Las Vegas is part of a group of therapies called energy psychology, because they are believed to affect the body’s electromagnetic energy fields.

Ok, that's enough for today in regards to EFT Tapping Las Vegas. Today is Thanksgiving and I'm giving thanks in gratitude to all I know and love! To conclude, I think this method (EFT Tapping Las Vegas) has added quite an edge to my regular practices and in the meantime I have used EFT Tapping Las Vegas on myself and family members for variety of quick therapies from shoulder pain to headaches, nausea, and so on. This method is absolutely invaluable.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

EFT Tapping In Las Vegas

I've been performing EFT Tapping in Las Vegas since 2006. I've not written much about it as I prefer to learn and then apply with clients. Yet, as I look to expand the Mind-Body Awareness & Healing Arts Center, I suppose it's a good idea to begin writing about what it is we do besides massage, personal training and life coaching.

EFT Tapping in Las Vegas has been found to be very helpful with eliminating emotional ties. As I'm also a Las Vegas massage therapist, I work with clients who are also suffering with a lot of pain in one part of their body or another. Thus, to begin with, I'd like to copy from another post, WITH permission, just a bit about pain & injury. Let's see if you can connect this post with EFT Tapping in Las Vegas.

"We used to believe (some people still do) pain and injury to be highly correlated and would utilize the measure of pain as an indicator of tissue damage. Unfortunately, as we begin to learn more about pain and injury, it is clear that pain is not an accurate indicator of injury nor damage. To understand this better, we have to understand a very important concept. So pay attention. :)

"Pain does not (technically) begin at the level of the tissues: While we once thought pain to originate at the level of the tissue (and that “pain” information was carried up to the brain), we now understand that these carriers, nociceptors, relay “danger” information to the brain for processing. Once the “danger” information reaches the brain, it is then up to the brain to decide whether these signals are dangerous enough to respond by producing an output of pain. So we don’t have pain receptors or ascending pain pathways as we commonly thought. Pain doesn’t begin until the brain determines it is needed. (Keep reading to see how EFT Tapping in Las Vegas relates.)

"It is crucial that we understand that this response is quite individualized. One may have a very serious injury and complain of little to no pain, while another may have a very minor injury and experience extreme pain. The degree of injury is not always related to the degree of pain. Hence they say, injury and pain are not related and ‘pain is in the brain’." Written by Anoop Balachandran and shared WITH permission. What else is conjured up in the brain? Emotion! This is how EFT Tapping in Las Vegas assists so many clients.

I'll write more in regards to Anoop's post in the future, but for now, I just wanted to present this as a new, evidence, science based approach. EFT Tapping in Las Vegas as well as many other techniques (such as massage and movement therapy) are used here at the Mind-Body Awareness & Healing Arts Center for pain & injury.

So, the next logical question is, "What the heck is EFT Tapping in Las Vegas," as it's the title of this post.

EFT Tapping in Las Vegas is a very quick and simple method of reducing the intensity of traumatic memories. Our emotional growth has been shaped by them, and we may believe we’re destined to remain that way (in a stressed out state) for the rest of our lives.

EFT Tapping in Las Vegas has ushered in a whole new way of releasing emotional memories. Even the first few minutes after you try it, you are likely to find the intensity of your traumatic recollections rapidly dropping. There are many scientific and evidence based studies of EFT Tapping for depression, anxiety, stress and other psychological problems. They show that people who use EFT Tapping in Las Vegas recover very quickly, often in just a few sessions.

EFT Tapping in Las Vegas is easy to learn, and simple to apply. It’s so simple that the entire set of instructions fit on a single page. You simply measure the intensity of your emotion associated with a traumatic memory, then pair your memory with a statement of self-acceptance.

This pairing utilizes two very well-researched psychological techniques called exposure (remembering the trauma) and cognitive restructuring (self-acceptance). Then, you tap with your fingertips on a series of acupressure points on your face and body. (EFT Tapping in Las Vegas has often been labeled Acupuncture without needles.)

The EFT Tapping in Las Vegas sends a calming signal to your brain, telling it that you’re safe. So while before, the memory might send your body into a conditioned stress response, you’re now re-conditioning your brain with a positive association.

The signal of safety sent by your fingertips tells your brain’s stress machinery to disengage. So the conditioned association of the memory with the stress response is broken. Once that loop is broken, it usually stays broken. So later on, when you think of the memory, you no longer feel stressed. It’s that easy, and it takes just a minute or two to complete each set of tapping points with EFT Tapping in Las Vegas.

Thus, can you now see the connection between pain & injury as relating to your mind-body in regards to both how the brain works and using EFT Tapping in Las Vegas? If not, I'll do my best to clarify in future posts. This is enough writing for now, as this post is really just a marketing test of sorts :)

Take care, and we'll see each other again, soon!

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