Sunday, September 8, 2013

Chronic Pain Relief in Las Vegas

The conscious person, you, make decisions and send commands to your body. You send these commands, often out of habit. They feel normal and familiar to you.

The area where you are having chronic pain, wherever that may be, these functions and their myriad of biochemical, nervous, and the coprocessors go on and off and do so often without requiring your awareness, will, conscious effort, or attention.

We see that the problem begins when the world demands that the area you are having chronic pain starts working on a constant basis. Normally, these muscles are dynamic, working and resting throughout the day. Even though they tighten, they have the ability to relax and this relaxed state allows for proper oxygenation, nutrition and management of wastes as well as rejuvenation of tissue.

The muscles are not meant to be chronically contracted. When muscles are chronically tensed, they tend to shorten, knot up, and eventually accommodate, so that the posture of a shortened state of the muscles feels uncomfortable but normal. Here’s an example: Make a fist with your hand and fingers and hold it for as long as you can. Now, think of the area of your body that’s in chronic pain; this is what it’s doing and WHY you may be in chronic pain.

Generally speaking, people who have no pain, have muscles that contract and then they relax. For people who are in chronic pain, whose way of expressing their anxiety is taking up the muscle strongly, flexing the muscle for a long time, or for people that have had some kind of injury and pain that has caused the muscles to reflexively tighten against the pain, the muscles don't relax well after contraction.

They stay in a state or spasm of contraction and when the muscles don't relax, all kinds of weird symptoms occur; symptoms that you can't know firsthand unless your muscles have been tight for a long time. (Which I’m sure they have been if you’re reading this.)

Mindfulness is what we work on here at the Mind-Body Awareness & Healing Arts Center. Basically, this means getting in touch with your body; getting your mind and body working together. Not just getting them in-tune, but getting them to relax together. The mind and body are One, not two, and the mind runs the body. When we calm our mind we calm our body.

With that said, there are many methods to accomplish this. Meditation, bodywork, yoga, breathing exercises, etc., etc. Even a good discussion about what’s bugging you will do the trick. That’s why I’ve now included life coaching in Las Vegas as a method of relaxation. I’m a sounding board for you! I listen to you, regardless of what you’d like to talk about.

I’ll discuss a bit further in the next post, but for now I’m off to scuba diving!

Kris Kelley
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